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Here’s a buzzword that gets tossed around a ton. So here’s what it means to us. It is our job to SURROUND you with other people walking the journey with you, support people to lean on and create space for every experience, and experts to call your own as you encounter the bumps in the road along the way.

Our membership is FREE  and includes access to our meet-ups, workshops and events every month!


This part is so fun! We are passionate about delivering education in all it’s forms. Sometimes this is a conversation with an expert on an important topic, sometimes its an article or book we think you should know about. Our educational series’ are combinations of live and documented information - never prerecorded, always personal and always with ongoing personalized interactions with a professional.

Our Journey Class is launching soon, learn more here. (hyperlink to landing page)


Nobody is meant to do this alone. Our team of doulas and guest experts and contributors is available to you in all our meet-ups and events. AND you have the option to take it one step further- hire us to be your doula in whatever way feels right to you. A package for pregnancy, a package that includes birth support and even an option to have a single consultation when it suits you. When you sign up for a package, you get a spot in our private group, cared for by our entire team- so basically what we are saying is that when you hire a Doulaworks doula, you get a whole team on your side (or should we say in your pocket). 

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